File Tax Returns Free in 2022 with These Recommendations

File your taxes for free in 2022

Looking to file your taxes for free in 2022? The IRS has officially kicked off the 2022 tax season when it started accepting 2021 tax returns on January 24. Every business owner and organization know that tax preparation does come cheap. Many individuals/businesses turn to paid tax-prep software or hire CPAs to help get the job done.

However, if you know exactly where to look, you can file your tax returns for free this year. This depends significantly on the complexity of your tax return as well as your income level.

File your taxes for free in 2022
File Your Taxes for Free

Here are some great recommendations you should consider: – is fully authorized by the IRS to provide federal tax return service entirely free of charge.

This service is available only for those who qualify for the platform’s basic software. This means that the Federal Basic Edition available on the platform is always free. But you may have to pay for more complex tax returns.

The e-filing or online tax filing process is very simple as you can use more than 15 free tax tools, a tax calculator, and preparation software that accurately applies the tax law. You will also have access to vital tax deduction tools, resulting in significant tax savings for you. also has paid tiers, including best-price and accuracy guarantees.

H&R Block – has several offices peppered all over the country and also provides professional assistance.

The organization offers users a unique way to file tax returns for free online. You can easily import all your tax documents from the previous year when you use this service. If you face any challenges while filing your tax return, feel free to get in touch with H&R Block’s help center. You can also use the firm’s online technical support for assistance.

The free file you create using H&R Block’s services grants you access to tax credits and deductions, which also includes the Earned Income Tax Credit. The free file software easily tracks your refund even as you complete it, enabling you to see how much you earn on the go.

However, H&R Block’s free version is limited to specific tax forms, typical with nearly every commercial tax-prep software. Therefore, ensure you qualify for H&R Block’s free version before you start entering all your tax information or details.

IRS partners with several major tax-prep firms in order to provide Free File software to individuals with income less than $72,000.

Intuit – the company behind TurboTax, the tax filing software – recently dissociated itself from participating in the IRS Free File Alliance. However, you can still use Free File Fillable Forms if your income is above $72,000. But this does not include free state return alternatives. You may also have to file your taxes on your own as you won’t receive any help from the IRS.

This implies that you may have to do all the math by yourself. You should also have last year’s tax return on hand in order to make the entire process seamless and stress-free for you.

Jackson Hewitt remains one of the oldest tax services in the United States. It is popular for offering assistance at brick-and-mortar offices located within Walmart but now provides online tax filing.

Jackson Hewitt’s online tax preparation service was recently reinvented by providing a flat fee to file state and federal taxes. The flat fee is $25.

Although Jackson Hewitt does not really provide users with a free tax filing option, its straightforward pricing comes with a few perks such as live-chat support, the ability to lock in the twenty-five-dollar rate for 3 years, etc.

Jackson Hewitt users can also download their W-2 with a 100 percent accuracy guarantee. The step-by-step process Jackson Hewitt utilizes is simple and ideal for individuals who are just starting to file taxes online on their own without professional assistance or help.

TaxAct You can quickly file your state and federal taxes with TaxAct for free.

You can easily import your tax filings from H&R Block or Turbo Tax. You can also import your tax returns on TaxAct from last year at zero extra charges. After filing your federal tax return, your personal details will be autocompleted almost automatically in your state tax return. You will be able to see all your estimated refunds in real-time.

TurboTax – has a free edition, available throughout the entire tax season, is primarily designed for taxpayers who only file simple tax returns – i.e., Form 1040. This also includes individuals with student loan interest, dependent kids, or those who get W-2s.

TurboTax Live Full Service Basic is available until February 15. It allows you to submit your tax return to a tax specialist easily. More streamlined TurboTax Live Basic is only available through March 31, free of charge.

TaxSlayer – A simple return is all you need in order to qualify for filing with TaxSlayer. You can prepare, file, and even print your tax return free of charge when you use this service. You will receive one free state return for free.

Although some tax return preparers provide support online only, usually through chat, TaxSlayer does not toe the same route. This firm offers phone and email support for those who need a little more assistance.

Users of this service can also compute their filing fees from their federal tax refund.

Credit Karma is 100 percent free from start to finish and is so simple that you can file your taxes within minutes. You will enjoy highly accurate calculations all the time, free audit defense, and maximum refunds guaranteed.


Filing your tax for free sounds good, and you can start with any of the recommended places highlighted in this post. You may also qualify for controlled or directed tax prep from an online service provider or fill out free forms on your own. But this will depend substantially on your income level.

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